A number of places that are, perhaps, well worth the visit.

Apiti-Caprale: built on the surface of a lake, this is the largest of the Southern Jewels (independent cities in the Empire of Ryckland). Marble and limestone pyramid-temples jut from the steep-roofed houses like islands in the sea, while the great canals take on themselves thousands of boats every day. Try the kebabs.

Bizarre: a market on Ceres that services the entirety of the Asteroid Belt. Known for its multi-level, multi-gravity system of interlocking rings (you have to enter the thing from the centre). Has one of the best quarantine facilities in human space. The Blue Tiger Club on the Mars Ring serves excellent rasgulla.

The Forest Palace: the capital seat of the Empire of Rokhana, built on the remains of an earthen pyramid. The initial palace was all of wood, beautifully carved and shaped into the totems of the northern tribes. Nowadays the palace is mostly wood, but it does still occupy prime forest real estate, protected by the emperor or empress.

Nemégrë: built into the side of a cliff containing the largest waterfall on Pakyan, this is the ancient capital of Tolkan. Naturally it’s been built for flying people, but there’s a pretty decent network of caves as well.

The Pyramid of Serpents: a massive construction in the heart of the Mashaku Jungle, built as a giant hollowed-out pyramid. Each person inside is assigned a place in the vast honeycomb structure based on their class, with the bottom reserved for slaves and the top for God. Movement up inside the pyramid–or along the outside–is extremely difficult. They do wonderful orange cakes on the Fifth Level, though.

Santaveia: a vast, multi-level city, built upon and into a great mesa and ruling from on high the desert below. Home to a great majority of the Heroes and Villains of the world–with all that this entails.

The Sapphire City: the most influential colony on Taqqiq, and the one with the best access to the moonships from Aihimavik. A cultural melting-pot, with Objects of Power used in everything and a Governor elected by the various boroughs. Has one of the best healthcare systems on the planet, for survival purposes.

The Temple of H’Varr: the site of the truce between the Five Races three thousand years ago on Redfall, and the Awakening Point for the human race (or one of them). Feel free to indulge in the potato beer served by many of the local inns, and mind that kobolds don’t steal your purse.

Visauru: the Threefold Colony on the edge of the zombie-infested Omiri River of Ajjamah, governed by the Sorcerers, the Berserkers, and the Crusaders. The mangrove forests nearby are stunning, but try to avoid the whole area during low tide on a night of the Midnight Sun. Warning: the zombies have been known to bite.

Visauru and her sisters, Guarinho and Gwèhn Nùh.

Vishrudi Koktuh: the greatest temple-city in Salvi, where the best students are trained and all spells, new and old, are registered. Practically a state unto itself. The library is to die for–which is why it’s kept very much under guard (there are some absurdly powerful spells in there).

The Whirlwind Plains: a vast grassland to the east of the High Plateau, with more tornadoes than anywhere else in the known world. The occasional glowing giant, loping alongside the herds of cattle and horse, adds a certain rustic touch to the scenery.

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