Being a list of peoples inhabiting the various worlds, with scientific classifications to further differentiate them from their brethren.


Dwarf: there are three variations known as of yet:

  • Gaeanthropus sapiens: native to Redfall, with gecko fingers, camera lenses in their eyes, body art done in lichen, colonies presided over by queens who are the only females allowed to breed, and an affinity for earth-magic.
  • Homo narrans montis: native to Taqqiq and Aihimavik, living in the mountains around the equator.
  • Homo polynesiensis: native to Linnasia, living on various archipelagos within the northern hemisphere, particularly in the *Malayo-Polynesian area. Look like a cross between humans and bonobos–and act much the same (although they also have fire and primitive stone tools).

Elf: there are three variations on different worlds:

  • Cogitans divinus: native to the world of the empire of Dongxi Lu, and normally among the highest castes in the empire.
  • Homo narrans silvarum: native to Taqqiq and Aihimavik, living originally in the forested midlands of the northern hemisphere
  • Xylicanthropus sapiens: native to Redfall, with brightly-coloured scales, full-black eyes, and a natural affinity for wood-magic.

Human: there are a number of variations across the different worlds (they get everywhere, these guys), so each will be referred to by its local name:

  • Anthropus praeditus: native to Ajjamah, and one of four sapients in the world; capable of genetic possession by local spirits to develop certain powers or Gifts, which have shaped their civilizations as much as race has.
  • Cogitans mortalis: native to the world of the empire of Dongxi Lu, and perhaps the most widespread of all sapients on that planet.
  • Homo narrans meridianus: native to Taqqiq and Aihimavik, roughly around the middle of the cline of six humanoid subspecies (and capable of breeding with any of them).
  • Homo publicus: native to Linnasia, and the result of an three-way cline of sapiens, neanderthalensis, and denisova stock, producing six subspecies (each in turn capable of intermarrying with the others).
  • Homo sapiens sapiens: native to Earth and the Human Imperium in the Nexum, with a few new racial groups emerging as the millennia pass and planets are briefly cut-off.
  • Pan modernis: native to Rokhana, with paler skin on average as you go down into the lowlands and darker skin in the highlands (to keep out the sun).
  • Sideroanthropus sapiens: native to Redfall, looking like cosmically average humans but with an affinity for metal-magic.

Miser Crab (terracancer cogitans): native to a number of worlds in the Nexum, but their closest territory to Earth is the planet Jazz Harmony in the Lalande 21185 system. Look rather like turtles with crab claws.

Selkie : at least two variations across the known worlds:

  • Homo aquaticus: native to Linnasia, an amphibious ocean-dwelling hominid with slightly more intelligence than dolphins (some of whom they have domesticated). Stand at 2.5m on average, with better fat coverage than humans and polarized eyes. Three subspecies across the world.
  • Naias triformis: native to the planet Ys, an amphibious hexapodal sapient with three distinct life-phases: infants are free-swimmers with the average intelligence of a child, juveniles are monkey-like land-dwellers with a vested interest in mating with as many others as is possible, and adults are seal-like semi-migratory beings who on average produce one newborn every two years from the “stock” of genetic material built up as a juvenile. Sixteen subspecies across interstellar space.

Vampire (homo ferox): native to Linnasia, hunting in packs in forested hills across the world. Look much like humans, but with furry bodies, pronounced canines, and very large eyes.

Anthropus Praeditus (Spell Merchant)

The Finders (Nusajúrã): a jungle people with the uncanny ability to locate anything they’ve set their eyes on–even if the sheer distance ends up killing them.

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