A list of worlds made–for clients or for personal use.

Ajjamah: a world in an S-type binary star system, with tides four times as powerful as on Earth, a year two-thirds the length, and two associated magical dimensions–the Dream and the Deep. People here have Gifts, instinctive powers tied to the landscape.

Blessed Cold: a parallel world as opposed to a dimension, where Africa is Buddhist, Japan and China have been locked in a Cold War of sorts since the 15th Century, the Celts, Vikings, Catholics, and Byzantines have split Europe amongst themselves, and the Arabian Peninsula is Jewish. And all because one volcano erupted eight hundred years early…

The Composition: two star clusters, one globular and one open, one passing through the other. Old meets new, and the aether above stirs magic on the planets below. A dozen worlds mapped out, a thousand more to go!

Dongxi Lu: created for a client–a celestial empire with a half race-based, half profession-based caste system, ruled over by an empress who sits in the Tower of Babble.

Linnasia: a planet created by myself and some colleagues for a game. A surprisingly ordinary world, with no magic or funky star systems, just humans and a few other hominids living together on a massive supercontinent.

Maranhensa: a world of ever-shifting locales, elevation and landscape and climate changing day-by-day as though a sandcastle on a beach.

The Nexum: a future where humanity has spread across the stars and is working its way through its own issues, alongside seven other intelligent species.

Pakyan: a world with nine sapient species living on it, six of them corporeal. Magic is acquired by means of long exposure over several generations (either through genetics or reincarnation), as are specific powers.

Redfall: created for a client–a world where the eons-old dance of the Five Elements and Two Movements has recently come to a grinding halt with the introduction of flesh-based organisms, and the new order’s been trying to work itself out for three thousand years now. Also there are dragons made out of living fire, and the elves are always one step away from drowning the earth in plant life.

Rokhana: on a world not unlike Mars (although with only one moon), an enormous empire struggles against forces internal and external that would seek to tear it apart. In the meantime, the ecological differences between the Highlands, Midlands, and Lowlands create interesting environmental problems for growing empires. Created based on a suggestion by Mobiyuz on DeviantArt.

Santaveia: a world where super-humans have been around (and active) since antiquity, and three groups–the corpse-holders, the baby-takers, and the time-sharers–have been fighting their own ineffable battles in full view of the rest of humanity. Humanity has learnt to cope.

Taqqiq and Aihimavik: a double planet system, orbiting at just the right point to allow life to exist on both. One has successfully colonized the other, twice now in fact. There are dinosaurs, orcs, walking trees, and giant mechanical spiders, and that’s just on the recently-colonized planet…

Tubular Bell: a toroidal world with enough room to fit the whole of Canada inside, with an inner and outer layer, giant spikes connecting the two, two separate atmospheres, and the occasional view (at the North and South Poles) of the stars. Lava and hurricanes are optional.

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