A few writing systems of mine from over the years.

Abetok: an abjad with a nice looping feel.

Axionn Script: not unlike the Dēvanāgarī script in form or function.

Barkaloanan: the first full script I ever made, with a huge number of ligatures but little else going for it.

Halmerian Runes: created for a client, halfway between Tolkien’s Tengwar and standard Futhark runes.

Hansemic Alphabet: a script resembling in style (if not nature) Hebrew, derived from an earlier abugida.

Hercuan Script: a Mongolian-style alphabet, derived from an earlier logographic script.

Kisimbi Syllabary: written on palm leaves and derived from old Mayan-style hieroglyphics.

Malehinese Syllabaries: two scripts, one used for common words and one used for holy and/or government-sanctioned words. Derived from earlier multi-syllable glyphs, some of which continue to be used to this day.

Nekortian Cuneiform: structured like Egyptian hieroglyphics (multiple consonants to a glyph, arrangement is key).

Salvian Hieroglyphs: a logographic script with added constructions to mark specific changes to the root.

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