The Symbol of Dreihav: three circles within one another, representing God, the sky, and humanity.

Dreihav (Zhovgonese Dreyeghyava), also known as “The Faith”, is the primary religion of Rokhana. Monotheistic and state-centric, the Emperor is afforded special privileges as the head of the Church and the patriarch of a dynasty dating back to the First Emperor, who was the son-in-law of Ôrez, the last pajur or Prophet. The version of Dreihav practiced in the empire is actually one of two branches of the religion, based in early political squabbles after the death of Ôrez. The other branch–which believed in selecting a new Emperor by committee–settled itself in the south, and is now one of the four major religions in the League of Aureon.

Dreihav doesn’t have much in the way of commandments–or rather it leaves a great deal open to individual interpretation across the empire, something very useful when settling large portions of territory. (There is, however, quite a strict code of hospitality.)


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