A few basic prices for simple work:


  • Consultation on basic world-building questions: free!
  • Consultation on various features (per request, per hour):
    • Architecture: $10US
    • Astronomy: $10US
    • Geology: $10US
    • Language: $10US
    • Meteorology: $10US
    • Mythology: $10US
    • Story: $15US
  • Language Construction:
    • Basic Sketch: $10US
    • Dialogue Translation (per line): $0.50US
    • Historical Background (simple): $10US
    • Historical Background (complex): $20US
    • Phonology/Morphology/Syntax: $100US
    • Lexicon: $100USFull Package: $150US

NOTE: for a serial, prices are negotiable.


  • Flag: $5US
  • History Chart: $15US
  • Country Map (500×500): $20US
  • World Map (500×1000): $30US
  • Combo (Country+Flag): $21.50US
  • Combo (World+Country): $40US
  • Combo (World: Terrain+Climate): $45US
  • Combo (World: Terrain+Climate+Names): $60US


  • 1 instrument: $5US per minute
  • Each additional instrument: +$3US per minute

NOTE: for a piece to be used in a film or radio show, prices are negotiable.

NOTE: I retain exclusive copyright over the piece of music.

A reminder that the first work commissioned at or below $20 is free; if the cost of the first work is above $20, then the commission is 50% off.

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