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You deserve a better world.

And everyone has a tough time getting that to work. There’s always some niggling detail, isn’t there, something that you want to get right but aren’t sure how to do, or want to do better. Here at Midnight Sun Worldbuilders, we pride ourselves on quick and creative solutions to whatever problem you might have with your world. Be it detailed maps, trade languages, complexities of courtly or peasant life, recipes, flora and fauna of interest–whatever, and I mean whatever piques your fancy–we’re here to help.



Phonology, derivation, morphology, syntax…all this and more can be yours, tailored specifically to your needs. A trade language for an empire? A taboo tongue for desert nomads? Speech that’s not even human? Got you covered.


You want your place to look fabulous? We do colour maps, satellite maps, gradient maps, population maps…and those maps may be of cities, countries, continents, planets, or entire star systems.


There is a lot that falls under this category. Social hierarchy, religion, dress, etiquette, food, transport, materials and resources…but whatever you need, Midnight Sun is full of fresh ideas to help you along.


Or, if you’re in the mood for something a bit simpler, we can do you lexicons with a particular feel. Words created or remade according to your fancy, and you get the final say on every one. All those fascinating elements of your culture you didn’t know how to put to into words? We’ve got the words.


And it’s not just alphabets, either. Abjads, those can be nice. Abugidas and syllabaries, not too difficult. Logographic systems–hieroglyphics–mixtures of two or more of the above–ready and waiting. We’ll even pay special attention to the medium–is your script written on paper, bark, metal, snow? Or maybe you want a knotted script, like the quipus of the Incan Empire, or even elaborate backgrounds constructed to represent an event. It’s all within your grasp…


Or maybe you’ve got all that, and you just want someone to look over it fairly and impartially. Or maybe there’s something you’re missing, and you’re not sure how to include it but want to. Well, we’re here for that, too. And the two sessions are free, so what have you got to lose?

Let’s make something together.

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