Midnight Sun

You Deserve a Better World.

Ideologies: belief systems and philosophies from across the multiverse.

Languages: spoken and signed means of communication, each crafted lovingly and to a specific aim.

Music: a side-track, to be sure, but not a bad track for all that.

Races: the native (thinking) inhabitants of various worlds.

Scripts: writing systems, some associated with specific worlds and some not.

Travelogue: snapshots of places of interest.

Worlds: empires, planets, interstellar empires, entirely new dimensions–it’s all in here.

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I am available online all days of the week, my work email is below, and the first sample sent is free. See here for prices.

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My skills and specialities include linguistics, historical and cultural development, composition, and cartography.

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I’m just starting out in the professional field of language-making and world-building, having been doing both of these for a number of years unofficially. I am available for hire.

(I am also available for hire as a script-writer, singer, actor, and/or voice actor, but not for legal advice until I pass the bar.)



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